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Infinite Training And Placements Ltd (ITPL) was set up in meeting various HR and IT requirements of the Healthcare and Education sector in the Republic of Ireland. Our mission is to provide a professional and highly customised resource to both employers, organisations and training personnel. We specialise in healthcare training, healthcare recruitment and developing various IT resources for organisations.

With over 30 years experience in the Healthcare Industry both nationally and internationally our company designs and delivers various Healthcare Trainings and QQI accredited courses for potential staff. We provide a transparent and professional recruitment service ensuring employers are matched with employees most suitable to their remit. Our team of experienced nurses, social workers, IT specialists and trainers work tirelessly to ensure the continuing quality of our services. This diversity of experience ensures the quality and standard of our products and services. The vast experience in healthcare training and management enable ITPL in discovering innovative products and services which are highly appreciated by organisations who are working in partnership with ITPL. We focus hugely on customer experience and overall satisfaction and thus to use that a reflective knowledge to enhance our future services

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